I live in awe of poets. For me it is an incredibly difficult skill. Poetry has the power to bring me to tears, make me roar with laughter or drive me into a fit of rage.

Don’t get me wrong, good writing of any kind can do that. However, a well written poem can achieve far more in terms of provoking an emotional response. That’s my opinion anyway.

So here is the disclaimer; I am no poet. Having said that I would love to have that skill with words. Stephen King suggests that if you want to be a writer you should write. Well I would like to write poetry worthy of my readers, so I am going to start attempting to do just that.

It won’t be pretty. Some of it will, in all likelihood be down right awful. Please stick around anyway and watch as I embark on this journey. Feel free to offer advice, criticism and if you are so inclined encouragement. I’ll do my best to entertain. Even if you are laughing at me, at least you are still laughing. Laughter’s good right?

Thanks for taking the time to read my work.


Read “I Am Fear” Here

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