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Tag: Brendan Rodgers

Hearts full of hope

Most football supporters liver for small moments of glory. Perhaps a rare triumph over an old foe or the occasional bonus of a local kid who comes good and transforms […]

Liverpool 2 QPR 1: Gerrard steps up again

This article by me was first published on Match day arrives and usually I’m full of it, but yesterday the mood was flat. Fourth place is the worst of […]

The impatience of being Liverpool

This article by me was also published on As we transition into a new year it is normal to find yourself in reflective mode. There is a lot to […]

Liverpool 2-1 West Brom: That Loving Feeling

This article by me was first published on My daughter has a habit of asking me searching questions. You know the kind, the ones where intuitively the answer seems […]

Why always us? because we are Liverpool

  This article by me was first published on Liverpool Day Trippers Website The potential signing of Mario Balotelli has divided opinion among Reds fans. Nobody doubts his talent. The […]

A Liverpool legend is something to be

According to Kop verse, Brendan Rodgers built a team like Shankly did so that kids would have a story. The man from Ulster is rapidly becoming a hero among Liverpool […]

Lacing Luis’ Boots

It’s official now. We knew it was coming but despite the huge fee there’s a tinge of sadness and a little anxiety in the air. Luis Suarez is undoubtedly irreplaceable. […]

One Small Step: One Giant Leap For Liverpool

This has also been published by As the Premier League release the 2014-15 fixture list¬†Brendan Rodgers and his staff will be analysing them intently. High on his list of […]