Leave Him Joe He’s Not Worth It

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

A cold war has broken out between the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson and his London counterpart Boris Johnson. I’m a fan of peace and détente usually, but to be fair this is an issue of monumental national and international significance…..nah it’s not really.

In case you haven’t heard the row has broken out over Boris’ ludicrous claim that it was London (not Liverpool) that launched the Beatles onto the world stage. The band (in case you’ve been on Mars for the last five decades) were a well known four piece combo, that invented popular music and took the planet by storm back in the 60’s. Oh and they were all Scousers by the way.

Now when it comes to having a go at our city, Johnson does have form. He has previously had to come grovelling to Liverpool, after a magazine he edited called us a “self pity city.” Our crime? Having the temerity to hold a vigil for beheaded hostage Ken Bigley, a Scouser. He was later forced to apologise for his ill judged and inaccurate comments about the Hillsborough disaster.

On both occasions Joe Anderson, and Liverpool’s elected representatives were absolutely right to stand up and be counted. Their job is to represent and defend the good name of the city after all.

What about the buffoon’s latest outburst though? Our Mayor was so incensed by them, that on hearing of Boris’ comments he immediately took to Twitter to condemn them. He then followed that up with an interview in the New Musical Express (NME) in which he seems to be asking for a public apology.

Now don’t get me wrong, Johnson is talking utter nonsense, but does he need to apologise for his ridiculous opinion? Most sane people will dismiss Boris with the same snort of derision I did. Scousers are fiercely proud, we get behind our own, and you take on this city at your peril. That said, there is wisdom in choosing your battles wisely.

For me this particular provocation should have been ignored. A few sarcastic salvos were probably all that were required on this occasion. Demanding a public apology is a little bit embarrassing.

What do you think?

Jeff Goulding

4th January 2014

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