What Do I Know?

First competitive goal for Iago Aspas

First competitive goal for Iago Aspas

Well I must admit when I saw the team selection I was worried. There were more bad omens too, with not one single stream available, and twitter full of blaggers claiming phantom goals. According to them it was 12-11 to Liverpool at half time. I couldn’t bare to take myself back several decades and listen on the radio. The last time I did that, It was Gerald Sinstadt commentating on Radio City.

By all accounts the performance was less than Stellar. To make matters worse we now have to go to Stoke with one less defensive star in the squad, thanks to a Danny Agger injury. Lets hope it’s not too serious. Let’s worry about that tomorrow, the lads are through to the next round, and that’s all that matters right now.

Of course there are those who will point to Liverpool toiling to a win over Oldham as proof we are a one man team. Dave Prentice of the Echo said just that on Twitter. This is missing the point a little, as the reds started the game without Lucas and Coutinho too. However, I have to admit this is yet more proof, if any was needed, that we need some reinforcements.

There are always positives to take from a win. I’m a glass half full sort of guy. A first competitive goal for Aspas will hopefully boost his confidence, Suarez got a rest for a full eighty minutes, and Sterling got another goal (albeit courtesy of a deflection). Add a clean sheet to that and I can enjoy a cold one tonight.

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