So, I wrote this book…

Red Odyssey: Liverpool F.C. 1892-2017 I feel like I owe you all an explanation. I acknowledge that my contributions to this page have been limited of late. I want to […]

For the many, not the few

Vote to end war, for peace and for justice. Vote for schools and hospitals, the poor and the homeless.  Vote for your children, their health and their future. And vote […]

Corbyn on the Kop: Hope in our hearts

The affordability of football is wrapped up in whether you earn a living wage, or any wage at all. It's dependant on the cost of a ticket, something else you have no control over. Those who say politics has no place in football ignore these connections.

A win is a win and any win will do

I wrote this article on The Liverpool Way “If you go looking for problems lad, you’ll always find them.” A throwaway line by a Cabby on the way to the […]