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No Pasaran: Fascists Not Welcome in Liverpool

Earlier this week Liverpool’s Mayor revealed a hate filled letter he had received from the self styled ‘National Action’ group. In it they promised the biggest Neo-Nazi march in decades. They […]

Liverpool out in force for Corbyn

Standing on tip-toes, crammed into door-ways, desperate for the briefest of glimpses or to hear just a fragment of speech. This was how the people of Liverpool and Merseyside greeted […]

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0: A view from the stands

This article by me was originally published by Apathetic, sombre, downcast are not usually emotions you would associate with a must win league game ahead of a Wembley Semi-Final […]

At the end of a storm

This article by me was first published prior to the Real Madrid game at Anfield on If you’re scraping around for a pre Real Madrid match metaphor on which […]

Imagine There’s No Giants

Yesterday the city of Liverpool bid farewell to a spectacular piece of street theatre. It spanned three glorious days, in which sun baked crowds lapped up all that was on […]

Lambananas, Spiders, Giants and Iron Men

First published on and updated below. Liverpool has always punched above its weight. Think about it, we are a town that’s spans just 43 square miles, our population is barely half […]


  Article published by me on If you are from Liverpool you may well regard yourself as Scouse not English? If you do, then you may find yourself on […]