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Month: September 2015

John McDonnell: Speaking Truth To Power

I’ll remember where I was when I heard John McDonnell deliver his first speech as Shadow Chancellor to the Labour Party Conference. It was one of those moments in time […]

Liverpool FC: From Community To Commodity

With the Reds struggling for form and function and Brendan apparently one or two games from the sack, Liverpool once again find themselves fodder for the rumour mill. The Club’s […]

Jeremy Corbyn: A New Hope

I sat on the cold damp steps of St Luke’s, my eyes fixated on my phone as I nervously awaited the result of Labour’s leadership vote. Around me people were […]

There’s a Song We Sing….

I have tried to block Saturday’s game from my mind. I know it is a futile exercise but it is something I try to do after every poor result. I […]