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Category: Short Fiction

The Night Bus Stop #2

The Night Bus Stop #2 To the finder of these words…… I must begin this letter by expressing both my gratitude and my sincerest apologies. I realise that in sharing […]


Haunted By  Jeff Goulding “Look mate, I’m not telling you this because I’m looking for some kind of redemption or shit like that. Trust me no amount of Hail Mary’s […]

The Night Bus Stop #1

The Night Bus Stop #1 The stranger sat across the aisle from Stasha. She sought sanctuary in the droplets of condensation on the window, but found only his reflection. He […]

Agony and Empathy

Agony and Empathy by Jeff Goulding The moon hung in a perfect black ocean. Not even the lights festooning the houses of the normal could drown its luminescence. It was mid […]

The Broken Promise

  Brian barely recognised his own face in the rear view mirror. The last few weeks had taken their toll, and the heavy rings under his eyes were testament to nights of broken […]