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Tag: Luis Suarez

Testing Times For Ayre

Ian Ayre has faced many challenges since joining the board of Liverpool Football. Often vilified by sections of the clubs fan-base the Liverpool Chief Executive has remarkable staying power. This […]

Luis Suarez: Let’s Get Real

This article by me has also been published on Hysterical overreaction tends to follow everything Luis Suarez does. He is the new pantomime villain of world football; a modern […]

Luis Suarez: Have We Finally Had Enough?

Like many Kopites, I went into the World Cup fully expecting there to be drama surrounding Luis Suarez. His new contract and recent declarations about how happy he was at […]

Perspective’s a Bitch

Article published by me on The post-mortem is in full swing. Just two games ago Liverpool stood on the brink of the greatest achievement since 1965 (the year they […]