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Category: Liverpool F.C.

A win is a win and any win will do

I wrote this article on The Liverpool Way “If you go looking for problems lad, you’ll always find them.” A throwaway line by a Cabby on the way to the […]

China Crisis and Wishful Thinking

  Any week that starts with a frustrating draw in London, ends with an international weekend and has a nation’s unhealthy obsession with Jim White’s yellow tie sandwiched in the […]

Don’t worry about a thing

On Wednesday, under blazing floodlights, The Kop took it’s final bow of the season. At the end of the game the field of battle lay empty. I made my way […]

Solidarity City: Legacy of the 96

This week six women and three men, in a purpose built box made of glass and brick, in the small town of Warrington, delivered a verdict that will reverberate through […]

Unshakable belief: The Liverpool Way

Ours is truly an incredible club. Time and again we are driven to the brink of defeat, but refuse to accept our fate. Dortmund is just the latest chapter in […]