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Tag: Premier League

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0: A view from the stands

This article by me was originally published by Apathetic, sombre, downcast are not usually emotions you would associate with a must win league game ahead of a Wembley Semi-Final […]

The impatience of being Liverpool

This article by me was also published on As we transition into a new year it is normal to find yourself in reflective mode. There is a lot to […]

Liverpool 2-1 West Brom: That Loving Feeling

This article by me was first published on My daughter has a habit of asking me searching questions. You know the kind, the ones where intuitively the answer seems […]

In defence of optimism

As the new season approaches, I, along with many Reds,¬†look for signs or hints as to how the forthcoming season may pan out. Pre-season usually arrives like a junkie’s fix […]

One Small Step: One Giant Leap For Liverpool

This has also been published by As the Premier League release the 2014-15 fixture list¬†Brendan Rodgers and his staff will be analysing them intently. High on his list of […]

We Believe

Article published by me on As the taxi sped away from the Flat Iron, it’s cargo of lager soaked Kopites slumped in the back, the driver rendered his verdict […]

Perspective’s a Bitch

Article published by me on The post-mortem is in full swing. Just two games ago Liverpool stood on the brink of the greatest achievement since 1965 (the year they […]