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Month: February 2016

League Cup Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Tomorrow Jurgen Klopp will manage Liverpool through their twelfth League Cup Final. In doing so, he will become the seventh Reds manager to lead the club into the final. It’s […]

Tory Eurovision: Freedom to Exploit

David Cameron claims he has won “special status” for Britain within the European Union. Already, a number of media outlets are portraying this as a victory for the Prime Minister […]

Bob Paisley: Boss

  Liverpool FC have been blessed with some remarkable men down the years. Shankly, Fagan and Dalglish alone would have been enough to ensure unparalleled glory for any club; a […]

Interview in Manilla

  I recently gave an interview to a Manilla based journalist Rick Olivares about the Anfield walk out in protest against ticket prices, being Scouse and The Beatles. I’m very grateful […]