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Interview in Manilla


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I recently gave an interview to a Manilla based journalist Rick Olivares about the Anfield walk out in protest against ticket prices, being Scouse and The Beatles. I’m very grateful to Rick for printing my comments in full and without spin. However, he is too generous when he says my article on This is Anfield “galvanised the supporters to walk out”. Instead that honour must go to Spirit of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906 supporters groups.

Here is a sample of my thoughts from the piece:

“This issue of ‘Scouseness’ is very important to locals who follow Liverpool FC,” Goulding opened. “We are defined by the culture of the city. There is a radical tradition in Liverpool, not only politically, but in terms of art and other forms of expression. Liverpudlians hate cliché and reject the generic moronic football culture prevalent at so many grounds up and down the country.”

“We prefer originality, and that’s why our songs are so unique and our banners witty and creative. People singing ‘who are ya!’ in the direction of opposing teams are frowned upon, because there’s no ingenuity to that. It’s not authentic, it’s mindless.”

“The average Scouser looks down their noses at things like ‘half and half scarves’ and jester hats because they are an expression of the mass-market culture and commercialization of our sport.”

“Conversely, songs like ‘Scouser Tommy’ and ‘Fields of Anfield Road’ have been adopted and then adapted by supporters to express their emotions and love for the club. They are sung with pride and are a million miles removed from the ‘Sky Sports’ and ‘Soccer AM’ style seal chants, that attempt to subvert football culture and monetize it.”

“Perhaps, the city’s ‘bolshy’ and creative nature is encapsulated in the music that came out of the city in the 1960s and to a lesser extent the 1980s. You couldn’t find anything more Scouse than the Beatles. Irreverent, anti-establishment, wonderfully unique and innovative.”

Read the full article here.

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