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Vampire State: How much longer can the decaying, bankrupt, cancerous Tory government survive?

By Jeff Goulding on Public Reading Rooms


Difficult to know what’s more absurd, Theresa May’s claim that the Conservatives are for everyone, or that she thinks we’ll fall for it.

So the party conference season is over, and the country could not have a starker choice in terms of the two political paths on offer. On the one hand there is the vision set out by Labour, offering a future built on collective effort securing gains for the individual, the other suggests a continuation of the blitzkrieg on the poor and the vulnerable.

The Tories’ talk of opportunity is simply cover for a programme of enrichment for those already sitting bloated at the top, with the vague promise that some of the fat will trickle down to the rest of us. It’s a lie, has always been a lie, and always will be.

What opportunities are there, if you’re born into a deprived area, save for the chance to leave this world several years earlier than someone born in a more affluent region? Children born in Britain today face a postcode lottery of life expectancy. But, it gets worse. For the first time since the war, average life expectancy has stalled in England and in Scotland and Wales, it has actually fallen.

Experts are agreed that this is a consequence of the grim barbarism of austerity and a sanctions culture that devalues life and people. However, it’s not the well-off being robbed of their retirement years. It’s not their children having precious memories with parents and grandparents snatched from their grasp; it’s the poorest and weakest among us.

Meanwhile, Theresa May dances.

Read more here on Public Reading Rooms

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