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So, I wrote this book…

Red Odyssey: Liverpool F.C. 1892-2017

I feel like I owe you all an explanation. I acknowledge that my contributions to this page have been limited of late. I want to assure you all that in no way does that signify a dimming of the burning anger I feel, at the disastrous policies being pursued by Britain’s Conservative government. Nor does it suggest that I am suffering from ‘writer’s block’.

In truth, in terms of my writing, I have been busier than ever this year.

Those who visit these pages regularly will have become accustomed to my eclectic mix of ramblings and various projects. In the early days, I concentrated on fiction and even made a terrible attempt at poetry. Actually, I will return to fiction writing in the New Year, there’s this story that just won’t go away, and if I don’t write it down soon I may go mad. I’m not so sure about my poetry though.

However, in the five years since I began sharing my ramblings, fiction has taken a back seat to two emerging themes. These are football and politics, and both have been of the red variety. In the last six months, the former has taken over the latter. My political musings have been less visible as a result.

Football, specifically Liverpool Football Club, has been an object of my affection for more than 40 years. You could say it is my first love, and it turned 125 on the 3rd of June 2017. To commemorate this momentous occasion, I have penned a book, actually it’s more of a love letter to my sporting heroes and my fellow supporters. It’s called ‘Red Odyssey – Liverpool F.C. 1892-2017,’ and the lovely people at Pitch Publishing have agreed to publish it. I’ll share more on this another time, but it will be available from Spring 2018, and you can order a copy in advance now.

I am immensely proud of this achievement. I never dreamed, when I first sat down to write on these pages, way back in 2012, that it would lead to this. Just 74 people read my first post, and now the most read article on this site has reached 23,000 readers.

Writing has been liberating, infuriating and deeply rewarding in equal measure. At times, I admit, it hasn’t been great. I’ve had my grammar and punctuation picked apart many times, and rightly so. I accept the rough with the smooth, when it comes to feedback.

I am an amateur, who decided to give it a go. I had all this stuff running around in my head and I needed an outlet, and for five years this site has been just that. I hope it remains so for many more years to come, and that you keep coming back.

I may journey into print media for a while, but I will never leave these pages. This, after all, is where it all began.

So, if football is your thing, and Liverpool is your passion, please give my book a try – you can order it here.

Bye for now, I’ll be back soon.


  1. Hey Jeff, Good luck with your book! I’ll keep re- tweeting etc about it but I am saddled with love for another team so won’t be buying it! If you ever did wanna meet up, if just for a chat, I would be honoured… Best, Paul


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