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Category: Ramblings

Bombing Syria: The politics of despair

History is about to complete another grim full circle. Just as it did in 2003, Britain is about to sleepwalk into another ill advised ‘war’ based on a false premise. […]

Momentum: Time To Reclaim Democracy

“What is to become of those destitute millions, who consume today, what they earned yesterday; who have created the greatness of England by their inventions and their toil; who become […]

Corbyn And The Newspeak Effect

Something odd happened to me today and it caused me to question my own free will and whether I was the victim of mind control. Anyone who has been reading […]

John McDonnell: Speaking Truth To Power

I’ll remember where I was when I heard John McDonnell deliver his first speech as Shadow Chancellor to the Labour Party Conference. It was one of those moments in time […]

Jeremy Corbyn: A New Hope

I sat on the cold damp steps of St Luke’s, my eyes fixated on my phone as I nervously awaited the result of Labour’s leadership vote. Around me people were […]

No Pasaran: Fascists Not Welcome in Liverpool

Earlier this week Liverpool’s Mayor revealed a hate filled letter he had received from the self styled ‘National Action’ group. In it they promised the biggest Neo-Nazi march in decades. They […]