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Tag: Football

A win is a win and any win will do

I wrote this article on The Liverpool Way “If you go looking for problems lad, you’ll always find them.” A throwaway line by a Cabby on the way to the […]

China Crisis and Wishful Thinking

  Any week that starts with a frustrating draw in London, ends with an international weekend and has a nation’s unhealthy obsession with Jim White’s yellow tie sandwiched in the […]

Howard Kendall: A Mersey Great

Howard Kendall May 22nd 1946 – October 17 2015 I have been a Liverpool fanatic for as long as I can remember. As a Red I consider myself blessed. Though […]

We Believe

Article published by me on As the taxi sped away from the Flat Iron, it’s cargo of lager soaked Kopites slumped in the back, the driver rendered his verdict […]