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A win is a win and any win will do


I wrote this article on The Liverpool Way

“If you go looking for problems lad, you’ll always find them.” A throwaway line by a Cabby on the way to the game could be an epitaph for the culture of nit-picking that consumes the modern game. Sure he was actually talking about his vast array of medical problems, they were so bad I almost suggested pulling over and calling an ambulance, but his words are frankly an object lesson for anyone penning a post match analysis or dialling a football phone-in.

Before you say it, I am aware of the irony of someone like me, who spends too much time, according to my wife, pouring over the minutiae of our club, moaning about an over analytical approach to the game. But still, sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the win and the accompanying drama, and in the process gloss over the finer details.

In truth most of us expected this game to be a tough one. Our record against teams managed by Tony Pulis makes grim reading, as is our form against any team that packs the defence. Jose’s attempts to turn a backs to the wall draw into a moral victory aside, Monday night’s game against United seemed like the perfect blue-print for any side looking to stifle the Reds creativity; and on the way to the ground the consensus was that any kind of win would do.

Read the full article here

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