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Tag: politics

Corbyn on the Kop: Hope in our hearts

The affordability of football is wrapped up in whether you earn a living wage, or any wage at all. It's dependant on the cost of a ticket, something else you have no control over. Those who say politics has no place in football ignore these connections.

Lies, damn lies and false narratives

Labour's self-styled moderates are using the doctrine of false narrative to undermine party democracy. It is a tool Labour's enemies have perfected down the years and it should shame Corbyn's right-wing opponents.

Monopoly and the ideologies of division

  I believe that all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or culture share one thing in common. That is the desire to live in peace, sheltered from the elements, […]

Time to leave the capsule if we dare

Sometimes the boundaries between art and science melt away and the two orbit in delightful synchronicity. This week, while earthlings were mourning the passing of the incomparable David Bowie, in […]