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Month: March 2014

The Night Bus Stop #1

The Night Bus Stop #1 The stranger sat across the aisle from Stasha. She sought sanctuary in the droplets of condensation on the window, but found only his reflection. He […]

Tony Benn He Encouraged Us

“He encouraged us.” These were the words Tony Benn said he would most like to see on his grave¬†stone. Today the Labour Movement, indeed the world is bereft of a […]

Sticking On The Learner Plates

Some of you may have noticed that I have been experimenting with different forms of writing. More recently I have made an attempt at poetry. There is some absolutely stunning […]

Two Sentence Horror #3

Katherine just loved her view of the boulevard below. Spoilt for choice, she didn’t know who she should shoot first; the mother with the pram, or the old couple on […]

A Nursery Rhyme

Rhyme Time By Dad and Sophie Eleanor Vexy loved loud sound She lived in a great big drum Where she would sit and she’d pound And she’d smash and she’d […]

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure by Jeff Goulding He’s lost in back seat melancholy, hands cuffed and heart broken. It’s the winter sun he mourns the most. It’s meagre light everything in a […]

Two Sentence Horror #2

I held my darling bride so close, her face pressed into mine. The breath froze in my lungs as the killer stepped over her bullet riddled body, not noticing me […]

Two Sentence Horror #1

She whispered soothing platitudes about going to a better place, and never feeling pain again. I tried so hard to scream, but the paralysing drugs were too strong. Jeff Goulding. […]