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A Nursery Rhyme


Rhyme Time


Dad and Sophie

Eleanor Vexy loved loud sound

She lived in a great big drum

Where she would sit and she’d pound

And she’d smash and she’d thump

Rata Tum Rata Tum Rata Tum


In summer time the sun would shine

Eleanor sang and skipped with cheer

Oh what a din what a wonderful time

Joyous sound did she hear in her ears


But then winter came with snow and ice

No more crashing could be heard

Just weeping and wailing, it really wasn’t nice

Without noise she would wither she feared


But then came hope such a cuddly bloke

Who could huff and could chuff and could puff

A friend who blew clouds of blue smoke

Oh that dragon had all the right stuff


It soon got warm and the frost got ready to melt

And when he was done she would beat on that drum

There’d be laughter and happiness felt

That dragon brought back Eleanor’s fun

Rata Tum Rata Tum Rata Tum


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