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Merseyside Derby Heroes

A little pre Derby piece to whet the appetite

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


This is a fixture that can cement a player or a manager’s reputation for better or worse. For a débutante there can be no better way to endear yourself to the supporters than to put one past the old enemy. For a manager there is no greater responsibility than ensuring your army of fans have bragging rights over their neighbours. Down the years there have been many men in red who have gone beyond moments of brilliance, and who have  embodied one of the fiercest rivalries in football. Here is my top 5 players, whose impact on the fixture transcends their time at the club.


Emlyn Hughes

Crazy Horse’s contribution to Derby folklore is not about scoring goals. He did manage to break their hearts on the pitch  a few times though. His brace in the ’73 game at Goodison will live long in the memory, with both goals coming…

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