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I am Fear


I sprinkle angst and sew your pain.

I feed your darkest thoughts,

then watch them grow and blossom

their tendrils fill your head.

I’m icy fingers down your spine,

the things beneath your bed.


I was the creature in your wardrobe

when you were just a kid

now I lurk within shadows

 a dark illusion, an evil creep

who’s stooped and dark and menacing

watching you while you sleep.


You let me in

when you were weak,

and I chased away your courage.

I’ve been at home in here for years

  I feed upon your terror

and drink up all your tears.


You must never see behind my eyes

beneath my veil of deceit

I hide my weakness deep inside.

Never see I’m just a wraith you see

you’ve simply no need to abide


So quietly sleep, and never wake

So I may take your aching heart

and squeeze it in my sickly claw

and watch it twist and break.


I’ll grow quietly here for evermore,

imbibing all your sadness,

until your mind’s an open sore

driving you to madness.


So in ignorance I’ll keep you

For if you knew the truth

my weeds of fear you’d poison

no suffering would you bear.

 Grow valour upon boughs of strength

and chase me far away from here.



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