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Disunited Kingdom: The broken democracy

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

The The “choice” before the electorate

Last night Britain’s political system failed the majority of people in our country. After five years of austerity we are forced to accept that by the time of the next election we will have lived through another decade of Tory rule.

This morning I feel genuine despair and am struggling to make sense of the nightmare. My analysis is of course biased. Anyone who has followed these pages will know where my political allegiances lie. I am the son of a life long Trade Unionist, brought up in a staunchly Labour family. At the age of sixteen I declared myself a Marxist and a Socialist and I remain so today. Having acknowledged that, I am more convinced than ever that our democracy is broken.

There will be much soul searching at Labour HQ in the coming months. They should have walked this election, instead they…

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