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Liverpool 1 Crystal Palace 3: The end

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The Kop Gerrard Tribute The Kop Gerrard Tribute

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‘It aint over ’til the fat lady sings’, or so says the cliché. Truth is she may not be singing yet, but she started going through her vocal exercises at Stamford Bridge and against Palace yesterday she stepped out onto the stage ready to belt out her finale. For Steven Gerrard it will have been a bitter-sweet ending to a magical fairy-tale career.

Life is a series of moments. In the end all that is left are those instants in time; the good the bad and the indescribable. I began my final match-day of the season immersed in one such moment; a school presentation for my daughter. These are precious moments in a fathers life and as it turned out, it was good preparation for what was to come.

Being a dyed-in-the wool sentimentalist, I’d fought back…

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