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Refugee Crisis: A Plea For Empathy And Compassion

After 70 bodies are found abandoned in a truck in Austria it’s time we realised these are human beings. See my earlier piece on the current humanitarian crisis engulfing Europe.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


Imagine just for a moment that your world is crashing down around you. Everything you once looked to for safety is gone. You’re home, job, parents, children ripped from you in an instant. The very fabric of the society you have spent your whole life in has now been taken away. You are terrified, vulnerable and desperate. Maybe there’s been a war or an invasion by some outside force. Perhaps an environmental catastrophe has robbed you of your peace and security. Whatever it is just think about that for a moment or two. Now ask yourself what would I do? Where would I turn for help?

It’s a truly horrible thought isn’t it? In all likelihood you’re struggling to comprehend the enormity of such a situation. You may be unable to contemplate how you would react. After all you have never had to face such a hopeless set of circumstances.

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