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In Space Nobody can Hear You Dream: Or Can They?

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


Something is not quite right with the poetically named KIC 8462852, a star situated in the outer boondocks of the ‘Milky Way’. It seems that something is periodically blocking the light from this object from reaching telescopes on earth and it’s not a planet.

Many theories have been put forward, but one of them in particular has made the media sit up and take notice. Could the bizarre behaviour of this celestial body be the result of alien technology in orbit around it? Is this evidence of an advanced civilisation harnessing the power of its nearby star? It seems mainstream science is giving this some serious consideration.

2015 is already shaping up to be a a pivotal year in human history. It has been a year of new achievements in exploration and potentially monumental discoveries. After all, 2015 did begin with astronomers cataloguing their 1000th alien planet and it didn’t…

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